Q: Do I have to be a Member to visit Texas Card House?
A: Yes. Texas Card House is strictly membership based whether for individuals, groups, charity outings, or corporate outings. Memberships are available in daily, monthly, and yearly options. Current Membership pricing is $10 per day, $30 per month, or $300 per year
Q: How does Texas Card House charge for activities and amenities?
A: Texas Card House charges Members various prices for various activities. Once Members are checked in to the Club, they can pay an entry fee for a tournament or pay hourly club access for live action.
Q: Can I tip the dealers? Can I tip the staff?
A: Texas Card House appreciates and encourages tips for our team. Members may tip directly, including poker dealers at the tables; host and cage managers at their stations; and floor managers directly. You may tip with cash or specially designated tip chips, however tipping with live action chips is expressly prohibited at all times. Cash on poker tables in denominations of $20 or less is not in play.
Q: Why do I have to check in just to watch TV or hang out?
A: To protect our status as a private club, Texas Card House manages access rigorously for Members. Every Member must be in good standing, have current dues, and be checked in any time they are at the Club. This is important because Texas law requires any poker games to be played in a private setting. Among other operational details to ensure compliance, managing access in this manner properly maintains our private status.
Q: How are live action hourly Club Access fees calculated?
A: When checking in at Texas Card House, Members indicate if they are here for live action or tournament play. If live action, they get checked in and the hourly Club Access gets calculated in 15 minute increments until they check out.
Q: How does pricing for tournament play work?
A: Texas Card House uses similar tournament structures to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and World Poker Tour (WPT). Each tournament entry consists of a Buy-In and an Entry Fee. The detailed breakdown for each event can be found on the tournament structure page linked from the Texas Card House calendar. For example, a tournament might be listed as $125 Re-Entry Texas Hold ‘Em with $105 Buy-In and $20 Entry Fee. Each entry to the tournament, including any re-entries, would pay this structure. No hourly Club Access charges accrue when you’re entered in a tournament
Q: How do I become a Member?
A: You will fill out a Membership Application granting provisional membership and pay the dues for the term of your choice (daily, monthly, yearly). Approximately once per month the Texas Card House Membership Committee meets and reviews provisional members and makes a recommendation to approve or deny permanent membership status
Q: Can my Membership be revoked?
A: Yes. The Membership Committee and Management can choose to revoke Memberships for violation of Club Rules, breaches of etiquette, non-payment of dues or fees, on review of criminal background checks, or other reasons