Greg Raymer Seminar
Thursday September 26th 9AM-5PM

• Price: $300

• Time: 9AM-5PM with a 1 hr. Lunch Break at Noon.

• Call (512) 956-7195 or inquire at TCH Houston Front Desk

Details: An intensive seminar focused on improving the overall game and in-the-moment decision making of even strong tournament players. The day will be divided into a roughly 3 hour lecture from 9AM-12PM, a 1 hour break for lunch, and then a 4 hour hand lab, wherein players will be dealt hands, react to situations, then receive instruction from The Fossilman himself about their decision, what his play would have been, and why. It has been reviewed as, ``An exceptional course in theory and practice, taught by one of the biggest names and strongest poker minds playing today.``

Greg Raymer Seminar