High Hand Jackpot Payout Information and Rules

No Limit Holdem Cash game players qualify for these payouts:

20% for Ace’s full house

40% for Quads*

60% for a Straight Flush

80% for a Royal Flush

PLO Cash game players qualify for these payouts:

10% for Quads

20% for a Straight Flush

30% for a Royal Flush

Basic High Hand Rules:

1. Players must use two cards to qualify for the High Hand Giveaway and Jackpot.

2. The Pot must be a minimum of $20.

3. The player must be the sole winner of the pot.

4. The first hand at any table does not count for the High Hand.

5. A minimum of four players must be dealt in at the beginning of the hand in order to qualify for the Winning High Hand.

6. Qualifier: Aces full for a Full House, Four-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush or Royal Flush in Texas Hold ’em. Both of the player’s hole cards must play. *In the case of Four-of-a-Kind, two of the four (a pair) must be in the hole to qualify in TX Hold'em & PLO.

7. NO FLAMINGO~ there is no table talk about the high hand, any discussion of the giveaway or jackpot may result in disqualification.

8. A floor person must be called over to verify the high hand giveaway.

9. Beginning September 1st through October 15th, 2020, (“Designated Dates”) each Tuesday & Thursday The Texas Card House will award the player with the highest qualifying hand in any participating game a High Hand Giveaway. The Qualifying Period will begin at 4 p.m. and continue every hour until 12:00am on the designated days (“Qualifying Periods”). The highest hand in each Qualifying Period will be paid in Chips. The Qualifying Period and hands reset each hour. The last Qualifying Period will be from 11:00 p.m., and the final payout will be at 12:00 a.m.

10. All players may and will be photographed as High Hand Jackpot Winners and their pictures will be used in future TCH marketing

11. General rules will be used where applicable.

12. Bomb pots and other carnival games do not qualify

13. All money will be awarded in chips (tip chips can be requested) and will be added to the players stack. Players will sign all appropriate paperwork to receive funds, including any necessary tax forms.

14. The only eligible table games for the high hands are Texas Hold ’em and PLO cash games only.

15. Any discussion of hand(s) during play may void payment at the discretion of the Texas Card House.

16. The dealer will count down the deck for a payoff. A defective deck nullifies a payoff.

17. All disputes must be handled at the time of the dispute incident. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Texas Card House will be final and binding. In case of a dispute, it is the player’s responsibility to bring to the attention of the Poker Room Supervisory personnel immediately and prior to leaving the table.

18. Texas Card House house rules will prevail over any situation not covered in these rules.

19. Management reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the interpretation of the rules and eligibility determinations for this promotion.

20. A qualifying hand must be tabled by the player, and the hand must be complete, prior to the Qualifying Period ending, to be considered part of that Qualifying Period. Otherwise, if applicable, it will be considered part of the next Qualifying Period.

21. To qualify for the High Hand Giveaway, a player must show a hand that is stronger than the currently posted High Hand. Only Aces full house or higher will qualify. The current qualifying hand will be announced and/or posted.

22. In the event that there are no qualifying hands during a Qualifying Period, the current prize will roll to the next Qualifying Period. If it is the final Qualifying Period for the day, then there will be no winner, and the funds will remain in the Promotional Pool.

23. Winner must be present at the conclusion of the Qualifying Period. If Winner is not present, prize money will be forfeited. Forfeited prize money will remain in the Promotional Pool.

24. Winner is responsible for paying any and all taxes and fees in connection with claiming the Prize.

25. By accepting the High Hand Giveaway or Jackpot prizes you accept these terms and conditions.

High Hand Jackpot Payout Information and Rules