Membership: Texas Card House is a private social club; use of the Club is restricted at all times to Members in good standing. Memberships are available to individuals in daily, monthly, and yearly terms. All new Members are subject to a one month probationary period. The Texas Card House Membership Committee meets monthly to review the status of all Memberships including granting or denying full Membership to probationary Members. Memberships are also available to charities and businesses for special events

Food and Alcohol: Texas Card House alcohol services vary by location. Please call the specific club location you are interested in to inquire. Members may bring their own alcohol and food as well as have food delivered. Texas Card House may provide food catering from time to time for special events. Texas Card House reserves the right to remove intoxicated persons for safety, etiquette, and enjoyment of the Members and Staff.  TCH complies with all TABC rules and regulations

Firearms and Other Weapons: No firearms or other weapons are permitted in Texas Card House. All Texas Card House locations post Texas Penal Code compliant 30.06 and 30.07 signs prohibiting the carry of concealed and/or open carry firearms.

Dues and Fees: Membership dues must be current at all times for Members to use the Club facilities. Club Access Fees are due prior to use of facility. It is the Member’s responsibility to make sure they are properly clocked in and out.  Unpaid balances must be cleared before a Member can check in for a new session. Memberships are available in daily, monthly, or yearly terms.

Gameplay: All poker games at Texas Card House refer to World Series of Poker (‘WSOP’) rules for cash and tournament games except where stated below, previously stated, and/or at the management’s discretion. Texas Card House dealers and managers are trained in WSOP rules and enforce the spirit and the letter of the rules in all circumstances. Rulings on gameplay are considered final only by discretion of the management of Texas Card House in accordance with WSOP rules. If an incorrect rule interpretation or decision is made in good faith, Texas Card House has no liability.

-English and Spanish are the only acceptable languages to be used on or around the tables.

-No smoking or vaping is allowed at the tables or anywhere else in the Club. Please go outside and at least 15 feet away from the entrance.

-Use of Electronic Devices. The use of phones, tablets, computers, or any other communication device is permitted at the table as long as it does not inhibit game play. A player may not use an electronic device to call, text, or e-mail while in possession of a live hand. Furthermore, if a player wishes to make a phone call, then they must move one table-length distance away from the table at which they are playing.

-There is NO active betting line. A bet is binding when a player releases chips to the felt after a single forward motion into the betting area. The betting area: the space in the center of the table; past a player’s hole cards. Forward motion binds a player to a bet. The fluid and uninterrupted release of the chips will then determine the amount of the bet. A stack of chips slid forward on the felt will be a bet of the full stack. All other WSOP Live-Action and Tournament betting rules apply where applicable.

 -Straddle Rules:

-No-limit: allowed in the under-the-gun position (first position after the big-blind) and re-straddles are allowed all the way through the dealer button position. The minimum straddle is double the big blind or $5 (whichever is greater). Re-straddles must be at least double the amount of the previous straddle. The minimum raise after the straddle is the amount of the straddle. Button Straddle allowed; max double the big blind or $5 (whichever is greater). The minimum bet post-flop is the amount of the big blind.

-Pot-limit: allowed under-the-gun. Straddle must be double the big blind or $5 whichever is greater. Re-straddles are allowed and must double previous straddle amount.

-Limit: a single straddle is allowed under-the-gun. The straddle does not raise the amount of the betting limit; just becomes an extra bet pre-flop.

-Bomb-Pot Rules. They are allowed every round plus one hand, so that every player has an opportunity for the button. The player in the dealer button position has the option to choose a single or double board. Bomb-pot hand will be consistent with variant being played (NLH bomb-pot in NLH games; PLO bomb- pot in PLO games). Players have the option to sit out of the bomb-pot hand (only if it is not ‘mandatory’).

     -Must Move Rules:

-Any game with multiple tables of the same structure will be subject to this must move policy.

-By choosing to play at this establishment, you agree to the terms and conditions described below.

-Upon opening an additional game beyond the first game of the same structure, that game will be considered a “must move table”.

-All players who sit at a must move table will be placed on a must move list. When a seat is available at the main game (the original game to open that day) a player may be required to move to that game from the must move table.

-In the event of multiple must move tables, players will be moved from the newest must move table to the oldest must move table until there are no more must move tables.

-A player will be required to move to the main game if a must move has the same amount or more players than the main game.

-The order in which a player will be required to move will be based on the lentgh of time a player has been playing. The player with the most play time will have the ultimate choice to move. The person with the least time played will be forced to move in the event that a more senior player chooses not to move.

-If a player refuses to move when it is their turn to move, that player may not be dealt in at that game or any game of the same structure other than the table they are being moved to.

-In the event that the members would like to alter any rules during game play, a unanimous vote is required by the players. Any changes must be approved by the management. Players are responsible for expressing their choice clearly at the appropriate time.