TCH AUSTIN Specific Rules & Procedures  

  1. Betting line:
  • Forward motion. Using the Hole Cards as a guideline, moving the length of a card in a forward motion.
  • If a player moves chips forward before announcing the bet amount they cannot bet more than the chips they went forward with.
  • When a player throws a single chip forward, as long as there is no significant pause between the chip landing and the player announcing “All-In”, the all-in will stand.
  1. English only at the table:

While, ANY HAND is active.

  1. Electronic devices:
  • Devices can be used as long as it’s not slowing the game down or there is suspicion of collusion.
  • No active Phone Calls at the Table and/or loud music or noise.
  • No Video recording without prior permission from management.


  1. Rabbit Hunting: 
  • Yes, only for Turn or River by the remaining players on the last street of action.


  1. Employee Parking:
  •  Away from the front entrance from 9am-9pm. 


  1. Dead Hand:
  • Tournament players are not allowed to leave more than an arm’s length from their chair. Otherwise, a hand is considered abandoned.
  • Cash game, it will be a “Table’s length away”. The hand will be dead when action is on them. If they walk away while all in, their hand will be dead. If a player asks to post them for blinds or bomb pot, their hand will be dead once the action is on them.
  • Dealers MUST warn players when players walk away from a live hand,


  1. Other:
  • When a player is moving seats, if the player moves 3 or more active players away from the button they must post a BB.
  • If you return to the same game within one hour of cashing out, your buy-in must be equal to the amount cashed out. *This rule applies in the new room*
  • When playing games with $5+ increments, leftover money is left in that player’s stack. Player will be considered felted and must make min buy-in to continue play.
  • When a player does not have enough chips on the table to cover their BB they must Buy in for the full table minimum.
  • In a cash game a new player may sit and resume the small blind. The button may be played as well. A player does not have to post to get dealt in on the button. 
  • We do allow guests to blind in while away from the table only with prior permission from a manager.
  • 5 Card Games: “Big-O” has a max of 8 players. DBL Board PLO bomb pots 7 max. 
  • In games with 5 cards never jeopardize the burn card or last card off the deck. 
  • White chips do not play in all-in situations in 1-2-5 PLO or 2-5. It is a red chip game. 
  • Once a hand has completed, and the start of the next shuffle has begun we will only review the previous hand unless an error was made by the house. 
    • Review may take place until the end of the following hand or the 1st manipulation of a bet by the player disputing. 


  1. Dinner Breaks:
  • 45 minutes. If player does not return within 45 mins, but less than 2 hours, put player at top of list. If player was in the main game and picked up. Place player in must move at top of the list.  


  1. Bomb Pots
  • Early burn and turn: Do not preserve streets and/or future burn cards.
  • $10 bomb pots at a ⅖ game allow for $5 betting increments.
  • Bomb pots are in $5 increments unless otherwise stated.
    • All chops for Bomb Pots go to the $5 chip (Not $1s)