Game Play Rulings: All decisions relating to gameplay will refer to the most recent WSOP Cash Game and/or WSOP Tournament rules, unless otherwise noted in our House Rules below. However, a floor manager (Or acting floor manager) may, in good faith, rule otherwise if it’s in the best interest of the game. All floor managers decisions are final. In case of an incorrect ruling or interpretation, Texas Card House Dallas (TCHDALLAS2) maintains no liability.

Etiquette: Members and Staff Members alike are expected to maintain a professional and respectful demeanor while at Texas Card House Dallas. In the event the acting floor manager decides a member’s behavior is inappropriate, that manager may ask the player to discontinue the behavior or ask them to leave. Failure to comply with that request may result in losing membership privileges and/or being banned from the facility. Below are some common behaviors that will not be tolerated:

  • Threats, arguments, insults (direct or indirect), or any other offensive behaviors
  • No use of tobacco products or vape pens
  • Slow Rolling: Intentionally stalling to show the winning hand to upset another player
  • Angle Shooting: Intentionally using a rule in a way to gain an unfair advantage over another    For example, throwing a single “Tip Chip” forward facing a bet to mislead the betting player into thinking you are calling.
  • Collusion: There will be ZERO tolerance for all forms of collusion. In the event collusion is discovered, Texas Card House Dallas reserves the right to correct the situation as they see fit. This includes forfeiture of chips. Collusion includes but is not limited to:
    • Communicating the strength of your or another player’s hand to another player with action pending
    • Marking or tampering with any device, including and especially the playing cards.

Betting: When a player declares a bet or action verbally, that action is binding. Unless, however, the player first acts by betting, checking, or folding with physical action PRIOR to the verbal action. A player makes a bet when they are not facing any action and place chips in a forward motion towards the pot. The amount will be determined by the amount released in one fluid motion (First motion without pause). If a player returns to get more chips or has a pause in releasing chips, only those chips initially released will be considered. A player will be making a call if the chips released in that same motion are not enough to make a raise, if the chip released is a single chip, or the player returns towards themselves without releasing a chip. Additionally, any tapping of the table (or anything similar) will be considered a check. A player folds when they are facing a bet or action and release their cards in a forward motion. However, in the event a player retrieves their cards before they are mucked and no other action has occurred afterwards, a floor manager may rule those cards live if they see fit. For example, if a player misunderstood a dealer and immediately retrieves their cards before obtaining any additional information.

Straddles NLH: In No-Limit Hold’Em cash games, a straddle bet may ONLY be placed in the position directly to the left of the posted Big Blind (Under the Gun). Action will start directly to the left of the straddle. A player may straddle for as little as twice the Big Blind up to 5 times the Big Blind. A player must announce or have the straddle placed before receiving their first card. No multiple straddles.

Straddles PLO: In Pot Limit Omaha, straddles may ONLY be placed Under the Gun for double the bring-in for that game.

Rabbit Hunting: After a hand is complete, a player may request to see any additional streets that would have come if no other player dealt in that hand opposes.

“Running it” twice: Boards may ONLY be ran twice in Heads Up and All-In situations if both players involved agree to do so. However, this rule can be altered in bigger games, such as $2/$5 NLH and $1/$2/$5 PLO or above, with the permission of a Floor Supervisor. In all situations, discussion of running twice may not take place while there is still action.

Bomb Pots: Any game may choose to play a Bomb Pot hand on the dealer change. Bomb Pots are a single hand where everyone who chooses to participate places an agreed amount ante and skips pre-flop action. This may be done as a single or double board.

Table Transfers: Players may transfer from one game to another with the permission of a Floor Supervisor. However, they may not transfer to another game if their current chip stack is above the maximum for the game they are transferring to.  Any player who moves themselves without permission may be asked to leave for the day and/or have their membership suspended or revoked.

Language: Players are only permitted to speak English while at the table.

Chips and Cards: Chips and cards should always remain on the table, except for a player cashing out their chips for the session. Do not hide the chips or cards from other players, including hiding larger denomination chips behind smaller denomination chips.

Player Responsibility: Players are responsible for knowing all action, rules, and always protecting their best interest in the game. This includes but is not limited to; protecting their cards from being mucked from the dealer or other players, calling a bet of an unknown amount, protecting their action in turn, and any other mis understandings at the table.

Livestream Rules:

  • No phones, electronics, headphones, earbuds, etc. at the table at any time – You MUST step completely off the stage (or out of the TCHLive area) to use your electronics. 
  • Beverages are allowed during the stream however MUST be kept off the rail and table. DO NOT drink over the rail or table. 
  • NO FOOD OR SNACKS of any kind will be allowed in the livestream area.
  • Display names for the stream may be your name or an appropriate nickname only.
  • Players must make a good faith effort to scan their hole cards every hand.
  • If 2 players are away from the table and a 3rd player wants to get up, that player should wait for one of the absent players to return before missing a hand.
  • Players must not bend, crease, or otherwise mishandle the RFID cards. Doing so will create downtown for the stream.
  • If the dealer announces that action must be stopped due to an error on the tech side, action must be immediately stopped until the error is fixed.
  • All actions and bets will be announced by the dealer.
  • If there is a hand that is taking too long to where the current action is about to catch up with the delay on the stream, we will call a forced clock on the player(s) to keep the delay intact.
  • Attire: Certain attire may not be allowed on a stream, and is at the discretion of Management. Examples include, but are not limited to; Offensive Words or Statements visible on the attire, Direct Competition’s Gear (Unless prior permission is acquired by management), Clothing Attire that is too revealing in nature, or anything Excessively stained or worn.