TCH Social Las Colinas Food and Alcohol Policies

  • No outside food is permitted inside the facility. 
  • No outside alcohol is permitted on property.
  • TCH Social reserves the right to deny service to any guest based on TABC guidelines.
  • Guests may not leave the building with any alcoholic beverage. 

TCH Social General Policies

  • All decisions relating to gameplay will refer to the most recent WSOP Cash Game and/or WSOP Tournament rules, unless otherwise noted in our House Rules below. However, a floor manager (Or acting floor manager) may, in good faith, rule otherwise if it’s in the best interest of the game. All floor managers’ decisions are final. In case of an incorrect ruling or interpretation, TCH Social (Las Colinas Card Club LLC) maintains no liability. 
  • All games are “Table Stakes”
  • Guests must adhere to the established limits for each game when buying in. These limits will be notated on the gameplay tablets and on the waitlist display.
  • Guests are not permitted to “Match the Stack” 
  • For tournaments TCH Social follows TDA Rules. They are available at:
  • For Cash games TCH Social follows World Series of Poker Cash Game Rules They are available at:
  • Manager witness necessary anytime running it twice involves multiple pots where at least one of them will not be run twice.
  • We adhere to a fixed straddle of 2x the big blind ($1-2 will be to $5)
  • The first hand dealt by each dealer will be a voluntary Bomb Pot at most tables. The amount for all bomb pots will be posted on the Poker Atlas tablet.
  • Running it multiple times: 

We allow guests involved in the pot must agree to run it twice 

  • We allow guests to run it twice in any game except $1-2 NLH with all involved guests in agreement
  • Supervisor approval is needed anytime one portion of the pot will be run once and any other portion is agreed to be run twice 
  • We allow “Rabbit Hunting” unless a player dealt into the hand objects
  • Right to Muck:
    • A mucked hand will only be exposed by a floor manager if collusion is suspected with substantial justification 
  • Hand Review
    • It is the player’s responsibility to alert staff of any errors in a hand before the start of the next hand. 
    • Once substantial action has occurred in the next hand, players lose their right to request a review of the previous hand 


  • Must Moves
    • Texas Card House will utilize a “Must-Move” seating system when deemed necessary by management to protect a specific game. 
    • One must-move maximum per game type will feed into multiple main games. 
    • When a new must-move table opens, the existing game becomes a main game with the same priority as existing main games
    • Players must retain their stack size when going from a must-move to a main game
    • Players may freely transfer between main games, but never to a must-move
    • In all button games, a participant going from a must-move game to the main game must move immediately from any position other than the small-blind or the button.
    • Main games with seats available are guaranteed more players than any must move, and one less player than the maximum seating dictates at all times.
  • Betting:
    • When a player declares a bet or action verbally, that action is binding. Unless, however, the player first acts by betting, checking, or folding with physical action PRIOR to the verbal action. A player makes a bet when they are not facing any action and place chips in a forward motion towards the pot. The amount will be determined by the amount released in one fluid motion (First motion without pause). If a player returns to get more chips or has a pause in releasing chips, only those chips initially released will be considered. A player will be making a call if the chips released in that same motion are not enough to make a raise, if the chip released is a single chip, or the player returns towards themselves without releasing a chip. Additionally, any tapping of the table (or anything similar) will be considered a check. A player folds when they are facing a bet or action and release their cards in a forward motion. However, in the event a player retrieves their cards before they are mucked and no other action has occurred afterwards, a floor manager may rule those cards live if they see fit. For example, if a player misunderstood a dealer and immediately retrieves their cards before obtaining any additional information.