If you’ve always wanted to play on TCH LIVE, we’re now hosting a $1/$3 NLH game on Thursday!  The list for this game goes LIVE at 10pm on Monday Night after the $2/$5 NLH game airing on TCH LIVE POKER on YouTube.  The game starts at 5pm CT on THURSDAYS at TCH AUSTIN.  The stream will start at 6pm CT!  

Here are the ground rules to get on the game
1) Seats can be signed up starting at 10pm CT on Monday on Poker Atlas
2) Players will be sat in the order they signed up at 5pm CT Thursday.  The game will start then and the stream will go live at 6pm CT!
3) If a player is not checked in and playing at 5pm CT, the next person on the list will be seated on the live stream
4) Alternates and replacements will be seated from this list of active players in the room in the order they checked into the club.

Our hope was to create a fair way to get those interested in playing on the stream a shot.  We will continue to adjust this game and this format during the next few weeks but we wanted to give everyone a shot to play on the stream if they wanted to.