WPT Step 2 Winner – RGV –

May, 2021


Frank Ibarra

Tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Frank, I am 32 and I enjoy poker. I’m single and I try to stay busy. Aside from poker, I enjoy fishing, working out, and sipping on some Bud Light.


When did you start playing poker and where?:  I first started playing poker back when I was 17 years old with my High School Buddies. They were $5 buy-in tournaments.


What was your greatest Poker Experience?:  From cashing in WSOP Tournaments to playing high stakes poker private cash games. I’ve had a lot of great poker experiences. Easily my favorite moment is winning the Tag Team tourney with my boy Pup at our local Poker Club. 


What are your poker goals?: My poker goal is to continue to enjoy playing cards for as long as I can while trying to make a dollar along the way.