WPT Step Winner – RGV- March, 2021


Ruben Hinojosa

  • Club Name: TCH RGV
  • Winners Full Name: Ruben Hinojosa
  • Step #/Date of Winning: 3/27/21


1. Where are you from?

South Texas (RGV)


2. How long have you been playing poker?

Started playing 5 card draw with the family for quarters when I was a kid. Picked up hold em a little over 10 yrs ago.


3. What first got you interested in poker?

Combination of money and being competitive.


4. Do you have any poker heroes/favorite players?

Ruben Hinojosa, he’s unstoppable


5. What do you consider your dream victory in poker?

A major WPT Title.


6. Do you have a favorite poker memory?

Not yet, still working on it.


7. Where do you usually play?

Texas Card House


8. What are your favorite card games to play? Cash/Tournament?

I’m sticking to hold em for now. I enjoy both cash and tournament but prefer tournaments due to the potential big payouts.


9. How did you learn about the WPT Steps tournament?

Local card room (Texas Card House)


10. Did you advance from weekly or did you buy in?

I was fortunate enough to advance from one of the weekly tournaments.